[AngularJS]: Introduction

Module / Controller Initialization

var app = angular.module(‘store’, []);
<html ng-app=”store”> … </html>

this way the html inside the body tag will be treated as a part of angular application
{{ expression }} – this will be evaluated using the javascript


var app = angular.module(‘store’, []);
app.controller(‘StoreController’, function(){
this.product = gem;

var gem = {
name: ‘Product name’,
price: 2.95,
description: ‘ …. ‘,
canPurchase: false,
soldOut: true


<html ng-app="store">
<body ng-controller="StoreController as store">
<div ng-hide="store.product.soldOut">
<h1>{{ store.product.name }}</h1>
<div>{{ store.product.price }}</div>
<div>{{ store.product.description }}</div>
<button ng-show="store.product.canPurchase">Add to Cart</button>


Majd Arbash


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